The elemental aspects of a good Web Design

The elemental aspects of a good Web Design

Not at a very initial stage will you realize the importance of web design, but once you
consider redesigning it, you will understand the need of a good-looking yet user-friendly web
design for your business. The internet surfers are quite impulsive these days and will switch
from your website to the other in no time if the information that they are looking for is not
present on your website. So, one needs to be careful in choosing the design, the content,
and also the user-friendliness of the website to not let the customers opt out of your
website. And, here is a list of the elements that make up a good website design.

Good Navigation
Whenever a internet surfer lands on your website, he/she wants the information swiftly and if
you want them to stay on your website, the navigation on the website should be easy to
access. The attention period of the visitors is quite short and a navigation that is not efficient
will lead to the loss of potential customers. Make your design inclusive of broad headings
with subheadings for your users to find the information that they seek without any hassle.

Responsive Design
The expansion of technology has led to the rise in the demand of mobile phones and tablets
which in turn leads to the demand of responsive web designs for your business. Your
interested audience will access your website from different websites, and if the design
distorts on any one of the platforms, it is sure to discourage your customers from choosing
your business for their needs.

Useful Visuals
Visuals are more impacting than plain text and businesses these days are opting for visuals
that serve the purpose of bringing in more engagement on the website. But, one should keep
into consideration that the entire website does not appear to be a portfolio and is not
crowded with unnecessary visuals, because this might lead the customer to not find the
exact information that is being searched.

Call-to-action Buttons
Having leads is important but getting them converted to customers is equally crucial. And,
once you have the leads on your website, you should take them to the process of
conversion. A call-to-action button shows that you are putting efforts to convert your leads
into potential customers. The buttons are designed to fit in with the design but still stand out
to grab the attention of the audience and when your website is inclusive of the CTA buttons.
You will witness the change in the results of conversion.

Speed of the page
Internet surfers are impulsive and what is the use of the information on your website if by the
time it gets loaded, the person has already switched from your website. There are various
tools in the market to check the speed and you can use them to make improvements in the
speed of the web pages. You can also go for the page speed services by any of the digital
marketing agencies.

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