A cost effective, flexible and streamlined way to manage your business communications

VoIP technology lets companies capitalize on their pre-existing IP network to run voice, data, and video applications from a single service. OnsiteGeeks’ VoIP service is a value-added solution that can be integrated with our other services to create a seamless IT infrastructure that is tailored to the needs of your business.

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    Some VoIP Services

    • Include voice mail, auto attendant, caller ID, conferencing, and forwarding features, as well as long distance calls at a competitive rate
    • Can be integrated with teleconferencing, databases, CRM systems, emails
    • Can be used to replicate the features of existing telecommunications system
    • Software phones and smart phone apps
    • Handsets can be placed anywhere in the world and inter-communicate
    • Scalable with minimal deployment costs
    • Robust enterprise ready solutions
    • Unlimited call packages
    • Hosted PBX systems

    Integrated IT solutions

    To be truly effective, VoIP needs to be properly integrated with your IT infrastructure. As business, IT specialists with over 20 years of experience providing OnsiteGeeks-based companies with a comprehensive range of IT services, Surrey Geeks stands apart from other VoIP providers due to our knowledge and experience when it comes to IT infrastructure. For example, our IT specialists can integrate your VoIP system with CRM, email, database, or teleconferencing and can provide you with expert advice on the next steps for streamlining your network.