Benefit from a comprehensive range of IT support solutions – Onsite & Remote

Managing and maintaining the IT infrastructure of a business is a complex task which demands an equally sophisticated support strategy.

Having a strong on-boarding process is important to keep the Client environments operations, setting goals, expectations and team introductions. To ensure the performance of our clients’ IT infrastructure, Surrey Geeks offers five key types of IT support which can be deployed on a per needs basis or as part of an IT management strategy.

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    Core Benefits

    At it’s core, mobile device management is a solution designed to protect network integrity and data assets. Some of the major benefits of MDM include

    Uniform Device Update

    MDM enables updates to be centrally audited and controlled to ensure all network devices are up-to-date and patched.

    BYOD Support

    The BYOD movement has seen many companies benefit economically from allowing their workforce to access certain types of data on personal mobile devices. MDM enables admin to manage BYOD devices, ensuring data assets are not compromised.

    Remote Management

    MDM makes it easy to remotely monitor and manage a geographically dispersed workforce to ensure security. Admin can also remotely disconnect or disable unauthorized applications or users.

    Regulatory compliance

    Organisations with regulatory compliance standards can use the centralized console to ensure that compliance initiatives are adhered to on mobile devices through tracking and monitoring.

    Application Controle

    MDM allows admin to control which applications can be installed and used on a network-connected device and also provides role-based access management.

    Security Enforcement

    MDM enables organisations to extend their security policy protocols and procedures to mobile devices to ensure vulnerabilities such as identity management, access limitations, blacklists and password regulations are effectively managed.

    Why Choose Surrey Geeks


    • Centralized control allowing administrators to monitor and manage all network-connected devices and applications
    • Tracking to monitor employee movements
    • Passcode enforcement
    • Jail-breaking and device rooting alerts
    • Geo-fencing allowing employers to restrict access to certain data and applications based on device location
    • Application restrictions enabling control over which applications can be installed and used
    • Automated device registration
    • Cloud data backup